Product Line Description

  • Viega ProPressG Fittings Viega ProPressG Smart Connect Feature Viega ProPressG makes fast, secure connections in less than 7 seconds

    Viega was the first to develop a CSA certified copper press solution specifically for gas. Viega ProPressG fittings and valves allow fast, flameless connections using copper pipe, instead of heavy hard-to-handle black iron pipe that requires cutting threads for every connection.


    Viega ProPressG features and benefits

    • Patented Smart Connect feature
    • Makes secure connections in less than seven seconds
    • Available in sizes 1/2" to 2"
    • Widest variety of configurations on the market
    • No flame, solder, flux or heavy equipment needed


    The Viega ProPressG system is designed and engineered for use with a variety of applications, including natural gas, LP gas and fuel oil applications.


    Since 1999, Viega ProPress has revolutionized pipe joining in North America. Now over one million Viega press fittings are installed every day throughout the world. Only Viega ProPress offers the genuine Smart Connect feature to help installers locate connections that have been missed. 


    You can identify a genuine Viega ProPressG fitting by the yellow dot which signifies the patented Viega Smart Connect feature with an HNBR sealing element.

Electronic Literature Downloads

  • Viega ProPressG provides more features and benefits than any other copper tube joining system Viega ProPressG makes secure connections in less than 7 seconds

    The original press pipe joining solution, Viega ProPressG provides a fast, secure method to join copper tube without flame. Perfect for plumbing, heating, fire protection or potable water systems, Viega ProPress and Viega ProPressG offer more pipe fitting configurations than any other systems.


    Viega ProPressG Electronic Literature Downloads include:

    • Brochures
    • Engineering Specifications
    • Installation Manuals
    • Dimensional Documents
    • Submittal Packages
    • Tech Data Sheets
    • Product Instructions
    • Product Updates
    • Sell Sheets
    • Labels
    • Warranty
    • Approvals


    Find all the information you need about Viega ProPressG systems.


Viega Smart Connect Feature

  • Viega ProPressG Smart Connect Feature

    Viega Smart Connect is a unique feature that allows installers to easily identify unpressed connections. You can spot a genuine Viega fitting by the colored dots in green, yellow or white.


    Viega was the first to introduce the Smart Connect feature and we were the first to incorporate it into all of our fittings in all of our metals systems. So no matter if you choose to install copper or stainless fittings, you can trust that the Viega Smart Connect feature will help you ensure that all the connections you make are secure.


    With Viega's proprietary Smart Connect feature, you can:

    • Ensure reliable connections in four to seven seconds
    • Identify missed connections quickly during pressure testing
    • Finish your projects on time or ahead of schedule
    • Eliminate the need for solder, flux, flame and fire watches
    • Make secure connections under flow of water



    Read more about Viega's Smart Connect feature and the safety features Viega offers in our quality fittings.

System Solutions

  • Viega ProPressG copper press fittings

    Viega ProPress, the original press pipe joining solution, is a reliable, versatile pipe joining system that can be installed in almost any application, whether commercial, industrial or residential.


    Viega ProPressG is a pipe joining system specifically designed for gas applications. Select a system solution from the list below and see why Viega ProPressG is the smart choice for your next project.


    System solutions with Viega ProPressG: