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  • Viega PureFlow
    The most complete plumbing solution in North America


    A total system solution, Viega PureFlow systems provide complete, efficient plumbing options for residential and light commerical installations. With manifolds, tubing and multiple fitting options, Viega PureFlow systems offer everything you need for a plumbing solution that is not only easy to install but will also reduce energy costs and water waste.


    Viega PureFlow Electronic Literature Downloads include:

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    Find all the information you need about Viega PureFlow systems!

Viega Smart Connect Feature

  • Viega Smart Connect is a unique feature that allows installers to easily identify unpressed connections.


    Viega is the first and only manufacturer to offer a plastic press system with the Smart Connect feature.Viega was the first to introduce the Smart Connect feature and we were the first to incorporate it into our fitting systems. So no matter if you choose to install plastic, copper or stainless fittings, you can trust that the Viega Smart Connect feature will help you ensure that the connections you make are secure.


    With Viega's proprietary Smart Connect feature, you can:

    • Ensure reliable connections in four to seven seconds
    • Identify unpressed connections easily during testing
    • Finish your projects on time or ahead of schedule 
    • Eliminate the need for solder, flux, flame and fire watches
    • Make secure connections under flow of water

    Read more about Viega PEX Press fittings in both polymer and bronze.


System Solutions

Product Line Description

  • Viega PureFlow Family

    Viega PureFlow plumbing systems

    Viega MANABLOC parallel water distribution system

    Viega MANABLOC parallel water distribution system

    Viega PureFlow PEX Press Fitting System

    Viega PureFlow PEX Press fittings

    Viega PureFlow plumbing systems are the most complete potable water systems available on the North American market. With PEX tubing, fittings and distribution manifolds, Viega provides everything you need for a total plumbing system that is not only easy to install but also helps homeowners reduce energy costs and water waste.


    Viega PureFlow systems provide products that:

    • Have 30 years of proven performance
    • Are manufactured in the United States
    • Use the same tools to simplify installation
    • Are compliant with low-lead legislation
    • Offer the most extensive warranties in the industry


    Viega MANABLOC is the first parallel water system to incorporate PEX distribution lines to individual plumbing fixtures. The single source for PEX tubing, manifolds and fittings, Viega MANABLOC provides everything you need for a complete plumbing system.


    • Fewer fittings behind the wall reduce chance for leaks
    • Decreases wait time for hot water
    • Reduces water waste and saves energy
    • Qualifies for LEED points
    • Compatible with Viega PEX Press or PEX Crimp fittings
    • Real 10-year transferable warranty on the system


    Viega PureFlow PEX Press fittings provide consistent, reliable connections and come with a factory-attached stainless steel sleeve and color-coded tool locator ring.