• Viega's Radiant Wizard software helps you design, specify and quote Viega's radiant technology.

    Viega offers the radiant design software LoopCAD and a Radiant Estimator app for iPhone or Android.


    LoopCAD is a radiant design and drawing software preloaded with Viega components and installation methods. LoopCAD allows you to draw floor plans, calculate heat losses, draw tubing layouts, calculate material lists and much more! LoopCAD® is a registered trademark of Avenir Software Inc.


    The Viega Radiant Estimator App is easy to navigate and simple to use, providing the material quantities you need to correspond with general installation data such as square footage and tubing size.





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Electronic Literature Downloads

  • Viega Climate Mat takes the guesswork out of installation

    Viega is a complete system solutions provider for radiant heating and cooling. We not only supply everything you need for a radiant heating or cooling system, Viega also provides the best training in the industry. Whether your application is commercial, residential or industrial, Viega can provide a radiant heating or cooling solution that will work for you.


    Viega ProRadiant Electronic Literature Downloads include:

    • Brochures
    • Engineering Specifications
    • Installation Manuals
    • Dimensional Documents
    • Submittal Packages
    • Tech Data Sheets
    • Product Instructions
    • Product Updates
    • Sell Sheets
    • Labels
    • Warranty
    • Approvals


    Find all the information you need about Viega ProRadiant systems.


System Solutions

  • Viega ProRadiant is the complete heating and cooling solution.

    Viega ProRadiant systems are complete radiant heating or cooling solutions for commercial, light commercial and residential applications, whether new or retrofit construction or wet or dry mass installation. Viega heating and cooling systems help increase efficiency and maintain a consistent temperature within a structure. 


    Select a system from the list below and see why Viega heating and cooling systems are the complete solution for your next project.


    System solutions with Viega ProRadiant heating and cooling: 

Product Line Description

  • Viega radiant system solutions Viega Rapid Grid is easy to install with ViegaPEX Barrier tubing. Viega ProRadiant Climate Panels are easy to install and help lower energy costs for heating.

    Efficient and complete, Viega provides everything you need for a complete radiant heating or cooling installation. Viega ProRadiant systems are easy to install and efficient to operate, keeping the temperature of a room consistent while reducing overall energy costs.


    Radiant technology is more efficient than conventional heating or cooling technology

    Viega provides the tools, the training and the technical support you need to complete a radiant heating or cooling installation efficiently. Whether your application is commercial, residential or industrial, Viega can provide a radiant heating or cooling solution that will work for you.


    A Viega ProRadiant system offers:

    • Increased comfort
    • Even temperatures
    • Cleaner air
    • Decorating freedom
    • Energy efficiency


    Viega offers a full range of hydronic radiant heating and cooling options to heat or cool commercial spaces. Installing a Viega ProRadiant heating or cooling system allows companies to operate in a  more comfortable working environment.


    Viega provides several radiant system solutions: