Viega Flushing Technology
Viega Flushing Technology

The next evolution of toilet systems is here, with Viega In-Wall Flushing Technology. Experience beauty on the outside and brilliance on the inside with Viega’s in-wall offerings. Choose from several flush plate designs and two sizes of wall carriers to create the ultimate designer bathroom that is beautiful, functional and spacious. Flush plates are available in manual and touch-free styles. Carriers can be set for almost any bowl height, including ADA standards. Placing the tank in the wall frees up space in the bathroom and makes cleaning easier too. Whether in a residential bathroom or a public restroom setting, Viega’s In-Wall Flushing Technology provides a solution.

  • Viega In-Wall Flushing Technology
  • Manual or touch-free flush plates
  • Two sizes of in-wall carriers
  • Flush plates and carriers compatible with ADA standards
  • 10-year warranty on parts inside the tank
  • Lifetime warranty on the tank and frame

Viega Flushing Technology