Viega PureFlow Parallel System

Viega MANABLOC - Water Distribution System

A Viega parallel system provides the lowest pressure and temperature fluctuations in a plumbing system. Since each tubing line is dedicated to an individual fixture, interference between fixtures is eliminated. Additionally, specific fixtures can be supplied by smaller diameter tubing depending on the actual amount of water needed.


For this type of installation, Viega offers the revolutionary MANABLOC parallel water distribution system, incorporating ViegaPEX tubing and Viega PureFlow PEX Press or PEX Crimp fittings. The Viega MANABLOC system provides a central location to control all plumbing lines and helps homeowners save energy costs and reduce water waste.


Viega MANABLOC parallel water distribution manifold
Viega MANABLOC parallel water distribution manifold

The first in the industry, the Viega MANABLOC parallel water distribution system incorporates a system of PEX distribution lines dedicated to individual plumbing fixtures. Because dedicated tubing lines are plumbed specifically to each individual faucet, wait time for hot water is significantly decreased.


Viega MANABLOCs arrive fully assembled and factory tested. They include individual quarter-turn port shutoff valves, which allow the end user complete control over the entire plumbing system from one central location. Fewer behind-the-wall fittings make it easy to install and less likely to leak. Flexible ViegaPEX tubing in 3/8" and 1/2" ensures optimal efficiency required to supply fixtures.


The choice to install 3/8" PEX tubing for low-demand fixtures instead of 1/2" will determine how much water an end user can save with a Viega MANABLOC system. In a length of 50 feet of PEX tubing, 3/8" PEX stores only .32 gallons of water (as opposed to 1/2" PEX tubing’s .46 gallons). Storing less volume of water means less time is required to purge the line and deliver hot water twice as fast as with a 1/2" PEX line.


 Viega MANABLOC is a complete plumbing system that is easy to install and provides fast hot water delivery by decreasing energy costs and reducing water waste.



Viega MANABLOC features and benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Reduces wasted water
  • Increased energy savings
  • Delivers hot water fast
  • Greater temperature and pressure balance during multiple fixture use
  • Complete control of the plumbing system from a central location
  • 1-1/4" internal reservoirs help maintain equal pressure during operation
  • PLS plastic (polysulfone) resist aggressive water and corrosion
Viega MANABLOC parallel water distribution manifold
Viega MANABLOC parallel water distribution manifold
Viega offers superior system solutions
Viega offers superior system solutions

Viega PureFlow plumbing systems are the most complete potable water systems available on the North American market. With tubing, fittings and distribution manifolds, Viega provides everything you need to for a total plumbing system that is not only easy to install but also helps end users reduce energy costs and water waste.