Viega ProPress provides protection through fire sprinkler installation

Viega offers a fire sprinkler solution for copper installations.

Whether you are installing a wet or dry system, Viega fire protection systems protect what matters. By aligning with the Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company, Viega is able to offer the components of a complete fire protection system with all the features and benefits of our revolutionary press technology for commercial, industrial or residential applications.

Features and Benefits
Features and Benefits
  • Flameless - no soldering or flammable gases
  • Faster connections - join copper pipe in seconds
  • Patented Smart Connect feature - only Viega fittings have it
  • Long life - no deterioration, never gets brittle
  • No downtime - installs wet or dry
  • Corrosion resistant - no need for protective painting
  • Professional appearance - no burn marks or rust
  • Versatile - commercial, industrial and residential applications
  • UL listed and FM approved for fire sprinkler systems, for use with type K, L and M copper tube in NFPA 13, 13D and 13R sprinkler systems
Superior Protection
Superior Protection

Proven under fire, Viega ProPress fittings for fire protection systems have exceeded all four sequential severe fire tests at UL labs in accordance with UL 852 for steel piping systems. Viega ProPress fire protection fittings were also tested to physical performance requirements of UL 213, which covers all fittings with rubber gaskets. Viega fire protection systems utilzing Viega ProPress fittings are also approved for NFPA 13, 13D and 13R fire sprinkler systems.    


Safety codes now require the use of home fire sprinklers in new one-and-two-family homes. These requirements provide the highest level of safety to protect members of the community.

ProPress Fire Sprinkler
Viega offers a copper solution for fire sprinkler applications.

ProPress Fire Sprinkler