Viega delivers safe, clean drinking water


Viega provides complete potable water solutions for your commercial and residential installations. Whether you choose Viega ProPress copper, Viega ProPress Zero Lead, Viega ProPress for stainless grade 316 or Viega PureFlow PEX Press or PEX Crimp fittings, all of our low-lead systems currently meet 2014 federal requirements for potable water systems.


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Viega potable water solutions and low-lead requirements
Viega potable water solutions and low-lead requirements

The amount of lead in drinking water has been regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) under the guidelines of the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act established in 1974. On January 4, 2011, the Federal Drinking Water Act was amended by Senate Bill 3874 to require not more than a weighted average of 0.25 percent lead when used with respect to the wetted surfaces of pipes, pipe fittings and fixtures.


The new requirements for drinking water will take effect January, 2014. Viega ProPress copper and Zero Lead bronze products currently meet the new Federal requirements. Viega is committed to producing the safest, most reliable fittings for use in potable water systems. January 1, 2010, California’s AB 1953 and Vermont’s Act 193 went into effect mandating that all potable water products, including pipe and plumbing fittings, contain no more than 0.25 percent lead. In January 2012, Maryland will require plumbing codes to be updated to enforce this requirement.


Viega ProPress copper, ProPress Zero Lead bronze and many Viega PureFlow PEX piping and fitting products currently meet the 2014 Federal requirements.

Viega Zero Lead fittings offer potable water solutions
Viega meets the NSF 61-G standard for Zero Lead applications
Viega meets the NSF 61-G standard for Zero Lead applications

Viega ProPress offers a system that:

  • can circulate hot potable water
  • utilizes the EPDM sealing element
  • incorporates fittings that include di-electric unions and ball valves


Viega PureFlow offers a systems that:


Viega PureFlow offers Zero Lead solutions