Viega Zero Lead Product Compliance
Viega Zero Lead Product Compliance
Viega Zero Lead

Viega Zero Lead products meet or exceed low-lead standards across
North America.

  • NSF 61-G (372)
  • NSF 61 Annex F
  • EPA: CFR Title 40, Part 141 (Safe Water Drinking Act)
  • California Law AB 1953
  • Vermont ACT 193
  • NSF/ANSI 14
  • Maryland HB372
  • Louisiana HB471

Leading the Industry in Zero Lead Compliance

Viega is the first manufacturer to offer complete systems that meet new low-lead requirements for piping systems. Before California AB 1953 even passed, the majority of Viega system solutions already met the EPA’s requirements.


Viega has always been committed to providing clean, safe, healthy drinking water delivery systems. So you can be confident knowing that when you’re specifying Viega systems, you’re getting solutions that meet and exceed the most stringent lead-free requirements.



Viega is the only manufacturer to offer press pipe fittings in multiple pipe joining materials like copper, 316 stainless steel, Zero Lead bronze and polymer. All of these pipe joining materials meet low-lead legislation and all of them provide Viega’s legendary quality and reliability.


Because copper is naturally lead-free, all Viega ProPress copper products inherently comply with all Zero Lead legislation. Viega ProPress bronze products, ranging in size from ½" to 2", are being produced from Viega’s new Zero Lead bronze alloy.


Viega ProPress valves, ranging in size from ½" to 2", are also produced from our Zero Lead alloy. Viega ProPress copper fittings in XL sizes, 2½" to 4", provide a lead-free solution for large-diameter tubing installations.


Viega ProPress for stainless steel 316 also meets NSF 61-G requirements for low-lead applications in residential, commercial or industrial applications.


The Viega ManaBloc parallel water distribution system contains no lead, whether in the connections, the tubing or the distribution manifold itself. Viega PEX Press fittings in Zero Lead bronze and the new Viega PEX Press polymer fittings are also lead free, as well as Viega PEX Crimp PolyAlloy and Eco-Brass fittings. All Viega PEX tubing, ViegaPEX, ViegaPEX Ultra, Viega FostaPEX and ViegaPEX Barrier complies with low-lead legislation and is compatible with Viega PEX Press and Viega PEX Crimp fittings.


What to Look for

When specifying Viega products, look for the following markings:

  • Labeling and installation instructions of compliant products will contain a notice stating: “This product contains Zero Lead.”
  • Viega PEX products will be marked with “cNSF®us pw-G” or “NSF/ANSI 61-G” to indicate Zero Lead compliance.  In some cases, where the fitting is too small to accommodate that marking, a “Z” will denote the product’s compliance.
  • Viega ManaBloc, Viega PEX Press polymer and Viega PEX Crimp PolyAlloy fittings do not require special markings because these products are inherently Zero Lead.
  • Viega ProPress Zero Lead bronze products will be marked with NSF 61-G and copper products will continue to be marked NSF-61.

Viega’s Zero Lead listing can be downloaded at the NSF Web site:
NSF Certified Products - Plumbing and Related Products

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