Fire Protection
Fire Protection
Viega Fire Protection

Viega offers fire protection systems that are suitable for nearly every type of building, ranging in size and complexity from one- and two-family dwellings to industrial factories. With unmatched reliability and true versatility, Viega fire protection systems are available in multiple materials like copper, stainless and carbon steel for commercial/industrial applications and Zero Lead bronze and high-performance polymer for homes and residential buildings. 

Viega makes fire protection installations simple with reliable integrated system solutions that reduce callbacks and increase confidence on the job and afterward. 

Fire protection for commercial and industrial buildings

Commercial fire protection installations don’t have to take forever. With Viega ProPress and Viega MegaPress systems, you can install copper, stainless steel or black iron fire protection systems quickly and easily without heavy equipment, fire watches, messy oils or wasted time. Viega ProPress and Viega MegaPress systems are suitable for NFPA 13, 13D and 13R fire sprinkler systems. They are also listed to UL 213 and FM class 1920. Viega MegaPress can be installed with Schedule 10 to Schedule 40 black iron pipe and is the only carbon steel press system in the industry with both UL and FM approval. 

Viega ProPress Stainless is ideal for fire protection systems in industrial applications. The only UL-approved stainless steel press fitting for fire protection, Viega ProPress Stainless can withstand corrosive cleaners in industrial environments better than other materials.

Fire protection for homes and residential buildings –
Let us do the measuring for you

If you’re looking for a fire protection system for homes, Viega offers the approved PEX solutions you need. The Viega PEX system includes eight PEX Press fittings with innovative mounting brackets designed to simplify installations. They're available in two sizes: ¾" and 1"; and in four configurations: straight adapters, elbow, tees and wall tees. 

Viega makes fire protection installations as simple as A, B, C with our innovative mounting bracket. Determine the orientation based on your choice of sprinkler head, then simply align the bracket with the bottom of the joist and screw in place. Just as your choice of sprinkler head determines the mounting position of the bracket, the head in the piping system determines which of the four fitting configurations is required. With Viega PEX Solutions, installers can mount all the brackets, run the tubing and then complete the connections, making the installation quick and easy. 

  • The innovative mounting bracket takes away the guesswork behind proper alignment.

For exposed basement areas where copper is required, Viega ProPress can work together with Viega PEX tubing in a unique hybrid system that can be joined using the same tool. Viega provides a whole-house solution for both plumbing and fire protection. 

Safety starts here. For more information on Fire Protection contact Viega Technical Services at (877) 843-4262 or