Domestic Piping
Domestic Piping

For commercial or industrial pipe joining applications, no other manufacturer offers the versatility and security of Viega press systems. Only Viega press fittings offer the patented Viega Smart Connect feature, which helps installers easily identify unpressed connections. Whether you are joining copper, stainless, or black iron, Viega has a press fitting solution to suit your every need.


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Joining copper

Approved for more than 400 applications, more than any other press system, Viega ProPress copper is available in more than 600 engineered fitting configurations that don’t require sweating, brazing or grooving to make a reliable connection. In sizes ranging from ½” to 4”, Viega ProPress is ideal for domestic water lines in hotels, hospitals, schools or high-rise office buildings.


Joining stainless

Available in two high-quality grades of stainless steel, 304 and 316, Viega ProPress stainless is a complete solution with pipe, fittings and valves. NSF-61G approved for potable water systems, Viega ProPress for 316 stainless is ideal for commercial water lines in food and beverage facilities or pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, where piping is sometimes exposed to harsh chemical cleaners. Viega offers 600 different engineered fitting configurations for a truly complete stainless steel system, no welding required.




Joining black iron

The only carbon steel fitting approved for both hydronic water and gas applications, Viega MegaPress fittings are suitable for use with Schedule 5 to Schedule 40 black iron pipe. Designed to reduce labor and installation costs, Viega MegaPress fittings make secure connections on black iron pipe with no manual tightening. Eliminate threading, welding and grooving in sizes up to 2”. With more than 200 fitting configurations, you don’t have to struggle to find the fitting you’re looking for.