Viega ProPress for Stainless Project Profiles
Viega ProPress for Stainless Project Profiles

Viega ProPress for stainless steel is available in two grades, 304 and 316, with a variety of sealing elements, so you can customize your installation. With more than 600 different fitting configurations, Viega ProPress for stainless is ideal for industrial or commercial projects.

Gorton's Seafood:                         Barrel O' Fun: Phoenix, AZ           Gossner Foods: Logan, UT
Gloucester, MA                                                      

    Viega Project Profile - Lectrus  
Solar Power Plant, USA                 Hospital: Cincinnati, OH                 Lectrus: Houston, TX 


Viega Project Profile - ANTHC    
ANTHC: Juneau, AK                     Winery: St. Helena, CA                  Piping Alloys - Phoenix, AZ


Viega Project Profile - Biotech Company  Viega Project Profile - Rio Tinto  Viega Project Profile - Vestas Wind Systems

Biotech: Cambridge, MA                Rio Tinto: Bingham Canyon, UT    Vestas: Pueblo, CO


Chemical Lines: Macedonia, OH  Ken's Foods: Marlborough, MA    Power Plant: Jacksonville, FL