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Mercy Health - West Hospital

Mercy Health

Viega ProPress Stainless provides valuable savings on potable water installation at Mercy Health – West Hospital

Nelson Stark used Viega ProPress to install the plumbing for the construction of the new Mercy Health – West Hospital in Cincinnati, OH. Plumbers installed a combination of Viega ProPress Stainless pipe and fittings and Viega ProPress Copper fittings for the potable water system at the new 250-bed medical facility. Viega stainless products were chosen for the system mains because of the high-quality attributes of stainless, as well as its cost effectiveness in comparison to copper. The Mercy Health – West Hospital is the newest addition to the Mercy Health network that will serve patients in western Cincinnati. 

The plumbers on Nelson Stark’s staff worked side-by-side with other utility installers in a warehouse near the construction site, mapping out the materials for the utilities in each hospital corridor on large racks. The racks were later transported to the site and permanently installed floor-by-floor as the construction crews completed each level. The pre-fabricated rack used in construction saves time when building large facilities like the Mercy Health – West Hospital.

Nelson Stark selected Viega ProPress for the plumbing installation because the system is flameless and can be installed simultaneously with other utilities since there is no need for welding, grooving or soldering. Other deciding factors included the time and materials savings that the systems offer as well as the contractor’s previous success with Viega ProPress systems on other projects, including the new Children’s Hospital Medical Center research facility and the new Horseshoe Casino, also in Cincinnati.

"Using Viega ProPress allowed us to complete the joint-effort installation with this modularly prepared, innovative type of construction," said Jeff Read, Vice President at Nelson Stark. "The installers put together each run of pipe for the 150-foot corridors with the fittings but didn’t press them. Once it was sized and laid out correctly, they attached the fittings to the racks so that when the racks arrived at the hospital construction site all our installers had to do was make the connections."

Overall, the plumbing install required more than 3,800 feet of large-diameter 316 stainless steel pipe and approximately 900 Viega ProPress Stainless fittings, as well as approximately 7,500 Viega ProPress Copper fittings and valves. The project called for 3" and 4" mains from the mechanical room, down the halls and up the entire building tower. From the mains into each room, copper tubing and fittings in 2" and smaller diameters were installed.

"Being able to use the same tool to press both stainless steel and copper fittings was a huge benefit," added Todd Elliot, project executive at Nelson Stark. By using the same tool for stainless and copper, Nelson Stark’s installers saved time and were able to simplify the plumbing installation.

Object Potable Water
Location Cincinnati, OH, USA
Year 2012
Category Project profile
Installation Nelson Stark
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