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Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Plant

Viega ProPress system for stainless steel provides quality and value from start to finish on solar power plant construction

The world's largest single-site solar thermal power plant, at the time it was built in 2013, is located in the southwestern U.S. and generates electricity using solar power technology. Covering an area of 1,900 acres, the plant has a 280-megawatt capacity, which is enough to power 70,000 homes while avoiding approximately 475,000 tons of carbon dioxide output.

For the construction project, Viega ProPress Stainless was hard-specified in the station's construction plans and multiple mechanical contractors installed Viega ProPress for process water, service water and instrumentation air systems, while maintaining consistent, quality connections.

"The original potable water plans for the solar power generation station construction had to be updated. It was essential that the system was compliant with the ASME B31 Piping Standard and was listed with the NSF-61G Zero Lead™ certification. When the piping engineering manager was researching, he discovered Viega ProPress Stainless," said Dan Goellner, Industrial Account Manager at Viega.

By selecting Viega ProPress Stainless, the construction project saved more than 30% on materials and labor combined for installing process water, service water and instrumentation air systems. The process water system is used for transporting waste water produced during cooling; the service water system encompasses the emergency eye wash stations and safety showers at the power plant; and the instrumentation air lines are used to regulate media flow using air pressure.

Because of the enormity of the construction project, the customer contracted with several companies, including Harris Mechanical Southwest, Brahma Group, Inc., M Corp and MMC Contractors. At any given time during construction, there were as many as 2,000 installers at the site. MMC Contractors acted as the lead contracting company for the Viega ProPress installation.

By using Viega ProPress to join stainless pipe, MMC's installers saved a significant amount of time per fitting and installed more than 15,000 feet of stainless steel piping and more than 2,000 Viega ProPress fittings.

The Viega ProPress system uses press fittings to make water-tight or air-tight connections. The system is comprised of stainless steel pipe, valves in sizes 1/2" to 2" and fittings in sizes 1/2" to 4".

Object Process water, service water, instrumentation air
Location Southwestern, USA
Year 2013
Category Project profile
Installation MMC Contractors
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