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Texas Refinery

Texas Refinery

Breaking ground in the U.S. manufacturing industry

Texas Refinery Corporation (TRC) accomplished something that hasn’t been done in the U.S. in the last 25 years – it built a lubrication plant. 

Established in 1922, the family-owned business produces specialty lubricants and protective coatings such as oils, grease, gear lubricants, cleaners and sealants. TRC products are used to help protect equipment as well as a company's capital investments in industries which include manufacturing, agriculture, waste management, drilling, mining and steel mills. When the company was ready for expansion, it built an entirely new facility in Mansfield, TX. 

TRC spent 2015 working with A&G Piping, a mechanical contractor out of Fort Worth, TX, to build the facility from the ground up. A&G Piping has worked with Viega’s systems for more than a decade and knew it was the right solution for the factory.

Tracy Auen, owner of A&G Piping, installed Viega MegaPressG in ½" to 2" for compressed air and Viega ProPress® for copper in ½" to 1½" for potable water and estimates he saved 30% installation time over soldering. One of the best features of Viega fittings, according to Auen, is the quality of the fittings.

"When we know we're getting Viega fittings, regardless whether it's the stainless, copper, or − in the case of the refinery − carbon steel, we rarely have any issues with the quality of workmanship," Auen said.

Object Compressed air and potable water
Location Mansfield, TX, USA
Year 2016
Category Project profile
Installation A&G Piping
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