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Keeping luxury yachts afloat a full-time job

The nation's trend toward luxury items that advertise privacy and exclusivity has extended to the boating industry. As the size, scale and attributes of these vessels continue to push the limits, so do the complications of fixing them, which is where Viega and All Points Boats come in. 

All Points Boats has been working on luxury yachts in South Florida's Lauderdale Marine Center for close to 20 years. What began as a small operation now boasts a waterfront office, stockroom, machine shop, fiberglass molding shop and wood shop. For owner Nate Goodwin, repairing yachts is an increasingly complex job that requires highly trained and motivated people willing to get their hands dirty. 

All Points Boats is one of the few repair companies knowledgeable about specialty reinforcements and other advanced materials. These processes are increasingly commonplace in modern boat shops and Goodwin has developed a reputation for his company’s expertise in composite repair.

Goodwin uses Viega SeaPress, a copper-nickel system designed specifically to hold up to the harsh environments of the sea. Goodwin uses Viega SeaPress for air conditioning, raw water intake cooling systems and fire protection main. He uses Viega ProPress for stainless in fresh water cooling applications as well as fuel lines. 

"We do a lot of water systems in the copper-nickel system because of the longevity of the product. It lasts a lot longer than other materials," Goodwin said. "And it's easier for us to go into a boat and make a repair or add a piece of equipment without having to do any welding. It definitely saves a lot of aggravation."

Working on boats of this caliber requires a staff of highly trained and specialized employees, many of which have been with Goodwin since the beginning. All Points Boat's team of 45 includes pipefitters who have built a stellar, world-wide reputation for inspecting, removing, fabricating and installing pipe and fitting systems to strict Lloyd's and ABS standards. Viega SeaPress carries type approvals for Lloyd’s Register, ABS, U.S. Coast Guard, DNV, and many others.

All Points Boats is one of the few authorized installers for all class society boats that adhere to those standards. Goodwin said they have such a great relationship with Viega and the class societies that when they propose to use Viega products, they don’t have to go through the rigorous scrutiny.

Object luxury yacht repair
Location Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
Year 2016
Category Project profile
Installation All Points Boats
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