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Object Fire protection
Location New York, USA
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The Statue of Liberty is a world-famous symbol of freedom and the pursuit of happiness. More than 325 feet high, including her crown, Lady Liberty is a truly imposing structure. And she is, of course, one of New York's most popular attractions. Several million admirers a year make the pilgrimage on the ferry to Liberty Island, in the Upper Bay between Jersey City and Manhattan.

Of the thousands of visitors each day, however, only a privileged 240 are allowed to climb up and enjoy the panoramic views from the statue’s crown. The Crown Ticket has to be booked months in advance.

In the close confines inside the statue, visitor safety is of course a high priority. As part of an extensive renovation project, a new fire protection system was installed. A key new feature of it was a highly sensitive smoke detector system: A complex network of vents route even the minutest quantities of smoke to the fire alarm sensors. This means the alarm is triggered faster, providing enhanced protection for visitors and for Lady Liberty herself.

For the pipes carrying the fire extinguishing water, the renovation team chose the ProPress Copper piping system, based on that material's proven qualities of durability and cost-effectiveness. The complete system has been awarded UL approval in North America.