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Object Smart connect
Location Milford, CT, USA
Year 2013
Category Project profiles
Installation Rick's Plumbing Service, Inc.

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Viega's Smart Connect Technology Provides Peace of Mind

Rick's Plumbing Service, founded in 1992 by Rick Jurzyk, serves a variety of customers in Milford, Connecticut, and surrounding areas. Jurzyk and his team at Rick's Plumbing started using Viega ProPress when it was first introduced in the U.S. market and today the company will only use Viega's ProPress fittings.

Introduced in 2005, Viega Smart Connect technology helps installers easily identify unpressed connections during pressure testing and is available on Viega ProPress Copper, Viega ProPress Stainless, Viega MegaPress and Viega PureFlow Press. With Viega Smart Connect technology, Viega's pipe joining systems offer a consistent method to help identify unpressed connections.

"Awhile back, we were installing the plumbing system in a new, 20,000-square-foot home for a prominent member of the community," said Jurzyk. "At the time, our supplier didn't have enough Viega ProPress in stock to cover the tremendous amount of material we needed for the job but they were able to stock our order with another brand of press fittings. After the installation, when the family had moved into the house, they began experiencing numerous leaks. We went back and replaced everything with Viega ProPress fittings and that was the end of us using any other brands."

Rick's Plumbing employs a team of 15 plumbers who use Viega ProPress on a regular basis for a full range of commercial and residential projects. The company purchased the press tool when the system was first introduced and even loaned it out to other plumbing contractors who had not yet made the switch to pressing. 

Viega Smart Connect technology is built directly into each Viega press fitting and helps identify every unpressed connection during system pressure tests. Other brands of press fittings offer connection identification methods based on sealing elements, which can be damaged or improperly installed and still give a false positive pressure test.

Viega's Smart Connect technology is the only method that consistently permits water or air past the sealing element to alert installers to any problems during pressure testing. Viega designs safety into each fitting, providing installers with peace of mind.

Rick's Plumbing prides itself on using new technology and staying on the cutting edge and Jurzyk credits using only Viega ProPress as one way that his company can maintain that reputation. 

"We haven't had any problems with Viega's fittings. In my opinion, there isn't a single reason not to use it," continued Jurzyk. "Keeping up with innovative, cost and time saving technology puts us ahead of the game."