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Viega LLC Supplier Quality Requirements: Supplier Product Approval Process (SPAP)

Viega’s mission is to enhance lives by providing quality, safe and innovative piping systems. To accomplish our mission Viega is committed to working with suppliers who equally value customer satisfaction, quality, innovation and continuous improvement. The Supplier Product Approval Process (SPAP) is used by Viega to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers to ensure that all products meet Viega internal specifications, Viega’s customer requirements and any applicable external regulations, codes and standards, including ISO 9001:2008, to which Viega’s Quality Management System (QMS) is certified to. This document details the SPAP requirements to provide a clear and transparent process for Viega’s suppliers.

The SPAP requirements apply to all products purchased by Viega including resale articles, components and sub components to finished goods and raw materials.
Products that are currently supplied to Viega will have a ‘grandfathered’ status and will not be subject to SPAP requirements unless or until the event of a situation described below in section 3, Triggers for SPAP.

Notification and SPAP submission will be required for any of the following reasons.

  • New part production that has not been supplied to Viega before.
  • Part design or drawing changes initiated by either Viega or supplier.
  • Change in production process, equipment, tooling, controls or manufacturing location
  • Change of material
  • Change in or use of a sub-supplier for parts
  • Parts that have not been produced for or shipped to Viega in the last 2 years
  • Changes in applicable codes and standards or product listings

Suppliers are required to notify Viega at least 6 months in advance of a change using the SPAP Request and Part Information Form for evaluation and determination of SPAP requirements. This form is located in QMD 85.56.05 SPAP Workbook.

The items described below are the default submission requirements that apply to all situations listed above in Section 3 Triggers for SPAP unless otherwise agreed upon, noted in the Terms and Conditions document and authorized by a Quality Manager at Viega. Viega Quality Managers have the authority to revise the SPAP submission requirements and, if applicable, the nature of the changes that trigger the need for SPAP approval. Such changes may be additions to the submission requirements or waivers to one or more of the default requirements. The SPAP requirements and any special notes for a specific part will be communicated on the SPAP Requirements Checklist and Authorization Form of QMD 85.56.05 SPAP Workbook.

QMD 85.56.05 SPAP Workbook is the document that will be used throughout the product approval process to document requests, results, information and status during the process. There are separate forms and spaces provided within the document for all SPAP requirements. All forms referenced below can be found in the SPAP Workbook.

4.1 Design Records
Design records (drawings) must exist and be submitted by the supplier for any resale good, part or component purchased by Viega. The supplier may use drawings created by Viega or create their own. The design record should include dimensions and tolerances, material information, markings and any functional specifications or references, including regulatory listings and industry standards. The Critical to Quality (CTQ) characteristics should be identified. For bulk materials, the design record may include identification of raw materials, formulations, processing steps and parameters, and final product specifications or acceptance criteria.

4.2 Authorized Engineering Change Documents
Suppliers shall have and submit any authorized engineering change documents to the Viega llc Purchasing Department for any authorized changes to products or sub-components of products that Viega purchases. The Viega llc purchasing team will distribute those documents to the Engineering Support and Quality Assurance teams for review and approval. Viega LLC requires at least 6 months’ notice for any changes to existing products to provide sufficient time for testing, evaluation and updates to drawings, instructions and other associated product literature.

4.3 Viega and Supplier Engineering Approval
Suppliers shall obtain Viega engineering approval for all design records. Any discrepancies between the supplier’s and Viega’s specifications should be resolved and records corrected before approval is given.

4.4 Process Flow Diagram(s) or Value Stream Map(s)
To promote better understanding and problem solving capabilities the supplier shall submit a process flow diagram or value stream map that clearly describes the production process steps and sequence. Process flow diagrams for ‘families’ of similar parts may be accepted. Viega will not designate a required format or template so that suppliers have the freedom to supply documents in their format or that already exist. These documents may be attached in the SPAP Workbook or submitted electronically separately.

4.5 Control Plan (Quality Control Plan, Quality Plan)
Suppliers shall have a Control Plan that defines the product or process characteristics to be controlled during production, methods used for product and process control, including frequency of sampling, and reaction plan to be followed when the control method detects a problem. Control Plans for ‘families’ of similar parts may be accepted. Viega will not designate a required format or template so that suppliers have the freedom to supply documents in their format or that already exist. These documents may be attached in the SPAP Workbook or submitted electronically separately.

4.6 Measurement System Analysis
Suppliers must develop or obtain gages and standards to control their processes and to determine product conformance to specifications. Suppliers shall conduct applicable Measurement System Analysis (MSA) studies and submit records of acceptance, showing a Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (Gage R&R) of 20% or less, to Viega upon request. Gage R&R of greater than 20% must be approved by Viega Quality Assurance. Viega may request the Supplier to participate in a correlation study to compare Supplier measurement results against results obtained by Viega gages and methods. These documents may be attached in the SPAP Workbook or submitted electronically separately.

4.7 Initial Process Studies and Capability Analysis
The Supplier shall conduct initial process studies and capability analysis for CTQ characteristics to determine if the process is likely to produce product that will meet customer requirements. Results of process capability studies shall be submitted to Viega for review. The initial process study shall be conducted with normal series production tooling, equipment and personnel. A process is considered capable if the Cp and Cpk values are greater than 1.33. If the process capability for a CTQ characteristic is found to not be capable (< 1.33) Viega may require a corrective action plan, a modification to the control plan and/or 100% inspection while the process is being improved prior to SPAP acceptance and order shipment. These documents may be attached in the SPAP Workbook or submitted electronically separately.

4.8 First Article Inspection (FAI)
The purpose of FAI is to confirm that all engineering, design and specification requirements are understood and have been met. The FAI also ensures that Viega and the supplier agree in terms of measurements, performance and overall quality by inspecting the same set of parts for the same characteristics and provide an opportunity to understand and correct any discrepancies between Viega and the supplier before the sale of product.

Unless otherwise specified the supplier shall mark, inspect and submit 5 samples produced with normal series production tooling, equipment and personnel and packaged in the same manner that normal shipments will be received. If the part submitted for FAI contains sub-components that Viega cannot directly inspect in their finished state Viega may require the supplier to submit sub-component FAI samples along with or before the finished product samples. Viega Engineering and Quality Assurance will determine the required characteristics for FAI and Purchasing will communicate those requirements to the supplier in the SPAP Workbook.

4.8.1 Dimensions
The Supplier shall measure all dimensions identified in the SPAP FAI Dimensional Results Form unless otherwise authorized by a Viega Quality Manager. The supplier may report FAI dimensional results in a format other than the FAI form as long as all characteristics identified are reported. Viega reserves the right to reject any FAI submission that does not report all identified dimensional characteristics.

4.8.2 Material Testing
When required and identified in the SPAP Requirements Checklist and Authorization Form the supplier shall submit the results of material testing and analysis. Viega may require a sample of the raw material used for a part be submitted for testing.

4.8.3 Performance / Functional Testing
Viega reserves the right to conduct any performance/functional testing deemed necessary to determine suitability of product to conform to intended product, customer and regulatory requirements.

4.8.4 Visual and Markings
Viega will inspect FAI samples to ensure that markings are legible, complete and correct according to the approved engineering drawing. FAI samples will also be inspected for visual appearance and must comply with any notes that are detailed on the approved engineering drawing or SPAP FAI Markings and Visual Results Form.

4.8.5 Packaging
Packaging and labeling will be evaluated on FAI samples to ensure that Viega requirements and specifications are followed and product will be properly protected during shipment. Packaging and label requirements will be specified on the visual and markings results form and functional packaging tests will be specified on the SPAP FAI Functional Testing Results Form.

Results of FAI inspection will be documented on the Requirements Checklist and Authorization Form and communicated to the supplier via email.

5.1 Incoming Goods Inspection
In the spirit of transparency and collaboration, upon successful completion of the FAI and SPAP, Viega will also provide the characteristics that will be inspected on Incoming Goods Checks (IGC) of subsequent orders back to the supplier at their request.c