Terms and Conditions

The following standard Terms and Conditions apply to all sales of products by Viega LLC unless otherwise modified in an Order Confirmation or Delivery Note. Any contrary terms in purchase orders or purchaser standard terms and conditions are rejected and acceptance of the order by Viega LLC is conditioned upon these terms and conditions or as set out specifically in the Viega order confirmation.

Terms of Payment:
Terms are net 30 days. Payable in U.S. or Canadian dollars depending on point of delivery. Minimum invoice: $100 net.

Price Changes:
All published prices are subject to change. Viega historically has given reasonable notice (normally 30 days or more) of an effective date for those changes, but reserves the right, under unusual circumstances, to give shorter notice.

Sales Orders:
Purchase orders submitted to Viega shall specify Viega part numbers as well as the product description from a Viega catalog. All such offers to purchase are subject to Viega LLC acceptance, which shall be by order confirmation provided to the customer by Viega. Customer is responsible for reviewing the order confirmation and reporting any necessary changes to Viega Customer Service immediately. Mistakes on orders due to inaccurate or incomplete information from the customer will be the customer’s responsibility and/or subject to Viega’s return policy.

Terms of Shipment:
Freight is paid by Viega LLC on orders $2,500 net or greater (excluding stainless steel pipe orders). On orders that are less than $2,500 net, freight is prepaid and added to the invoice. Excess freight charges resulting from special requested routing or specifying non-Viega LLC designated common carriers will be billed to the customer.

Stainless steel pipe qualifies for prepaid freight at $5,000 net and cannot be combined with other products to make freight.

Stainless steel fittings may be combined with other Viega LLC products and qualify for prepaid freight at $2,500 net.

Orders from U.S. customers with a “Ship to” Canada location will not be accepted and U.S. customers are not authorized to sell product to Canada.

Transportation and Risk of Loss:
Unless otherwise agreed in advance, delivery of products hereunder shall be FOB Shipping Point, except for products sold for delivery in Canada. Transportation costs are prepaid and added to the invoice unless the order meets freight allowance. Transfer of ownership moves to the customer once leaving our warehouse. Loss or damage claims become the responsibility of the customer but assistance is available from Viega Customer Service or visit: viega.us/support

All returns are subject to Viega’s return policy. No material may be returned without our written permission and return material authorization (RMA) number. Any items with a purchase date older than one year will not be allowed for return. We will accept cataloged and resalable items only. No returns will be allowed for broken bags or bundles, items outside of original packaging, discontinued, damaged, or non-cataloged merchandise. Any material which is authorized to be returned will be subject to a minimum twenty-five percent (25%) restocking fee. Minimum return $250 net invoice value. For more information on returns and the complete return policy go to www.viega.us.

For products sold in CA:
Some products may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For further information related to California’s Proposition 65, click here.

These standard terms and conditions are in effect for the current year. Viega reserves the right to change these terms and conditions by posting such changes on this page.