Insulated Pipe


Insulated Pipe

Viega’s Insulated PEX Barrier Piping system is for use in snowmelt applications where distribution is necessary. The flexible pipe is produced with LDPE jacket, polyurethane foam insulation, and PEX carrier pipe. The bonded insulation provides long-​term R-​value retention, and the plastic piping characteristics eliminate thermal expansion considerations. It’s easy to plan and quote projects with Viega’s exceptional freight and delivery times. Discover how Viega’s snow-​melting repertoire will benefit your next project.

  • Superior insulation results in a reduction in heat loss
  • High compressive strength
  • No risk of water penetration
  • Flexibility reduces the number of fittings required
  • No special considerations for thermal expansion
  • Freon-​free, high-​performance, closed-​cell polyurethane insulation
  • Smooth LDPE jacket resists impacts and is UV treated
  • “Smart" membrane maintains insulation value over time, keeping operational performance high
  • Carrier pipe features EVOH oxygen barrier
  • Fitting insulation kits provide insulation value equivalent to that of the pipe itself
  • Available in custom-​length coils
  • No special tools required to assemble fittings
  • Additional shipping costs apply, with three week lead time.
  • This product is a non-​stock; non-​returnable item.
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Insulated Pipe


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