MegaPress Press-​In Branch Connector


MegaPress Press-​In Branch Connector

The MegaPress Press-​in Branch Connector is an innovative way to create branches from main runs or install instrumentation onto existing piping. The branch connector installs onto carbon steel pipe in sizes 1½" through 4", as well as 6", and has a ¾" FPT outlet. As with other MegaPress products, it can be installed on partially drained systems, further reducing downtime during installation. The MegaPress Press-​in Branch Connector is approved for use in hydronic heating, cooling water applications, compressed gases and many more, thanks to a variety of sealing elements.

  • Suitable for use with ASTM Schedule 10 or Schedule 40 carbon steel pipe
  • Corrosion-​resistant zinc nickel coating
  • Available with EPDM or FKM sealing elements
  • ¾" FPT outlet allows for easy instrumentation installation
  • Installs within minutes – up to 80% faster than conventional methods
  • Tool kit contains all the accessories needed to drill the correct hole, as well as the pressing tools in all sizes to press in the connector (drill not included)
  • No flame, fire watch or hot work permits required

  • ASME B31.1: Power Piping
  • ASME B31.3: Process Piping
  • ASME B31.9: Building Service Piping
  • IAPMO: IGC-353 Branch Connectors

  • Canadian Registration Number (CRN): 0A14541.5C
  • IAPMO: IGC-353

A green dot indicates an EPDM sealing element. A white dot indicates an FKM sealing element.
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MegaPress Press-In Branch Connector