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Viega ProPress

Viega was the first to offer press joining systems in North America, the first to offer a proven method to verify secure connections and the first to offer the same time-saving press technology in multiple materials. Viega ProPress systems also offer patented Viega Smart Connect technology, which helps installers easily identify unpressed connections.

Viega ProPress Copper
  • More than 600 different fitting configurations to choose from
  • Approved for more applications than any other copper press fitting system
  • Available in sizes ½" to 4" 
  • Install the same system in different applications with three different sealing elements
  • Viega Smart Connect technology helps identify unpressed connections

Viega ProPressG

With a factory-installed HNBR sealing element, Viega ProPressG fittings are suitable for natural gas and fuel-oil applications, among others. Installers can make secure connections in seconds with system-matched tools and jaws. And Viega’s patented Smart Connect technology is also included in ProPressG fittings, providing installers with increased confidence in the integrity of their connections.

Viega ProPressG
  • Available in sizes ½” to 2”
  • More than 50 engineered fitting configurations for copper
  • Approved for more than 150 different applications
  • Viega Smart Connect technology helps identify unpressed connections

Viega ProPress Stainless

Viega ProPress Stainless
  • Approved for more than 225 different applications
  • More than 600 different engineered fittings configurations from ½" to 4"
  • A complete solution with pipe, valves, fittings and both EPDM and FKM sealing elements
  • Two grades of stainless, 304 and 316, ideal for harsh or corrosive environments
  • Viega Smart Connect technology helps identify unpressed connections