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Viega PureFlow System

Looking for a complete plumbing solution that's easy to install and will help reduce water waste? Look no further than the Viega PureFlow System.

With fittings, manifolds and tubing, Viega provides everything you need for a total plumbing system. From our revolutionary Viega ManaBloc system to our press fittings for PEX tubing, the Viega PureFlow System is designed specifically for residential and commercial applications.

Viega PureFlow Press fittings

The future is here with Viega PureFlow Press. As the leader in press technology, Viega was the first to offer a true press system to the PEX market. Available in sizes from 3/8" to 2", Viega PureFlow polymer fittings are made in the USA.

  • Factory assembled fittings reduce installation errors on the job site
  • Viega Smart Connect technology for PureFlow Press Polymer helps identify unpressed connections
  • Available in two materials, proprietary Zero Lead bronze and high-performance polymer
  • System matched tools provide a consistent connection every time
  • NSF 14 and NSF 61-G approved for potable water systems and suitable for radiant heating systems
  • 25-year limited warranty
Viega PEXPress

Viega PureFlow Crimp

With the reliability and quality required for potable water, Viega PureFlow Crimp fittings are part of Viega’s complete plumbing solution, available in 3/8" to 1" sizes. Viega’s PureFlow Crimp PolyAlloy fittings are made in the USA.

  • EcoBrass fittings provide better corrosion resistance than other brass fittings
  •  High-performance PolyAlloy fittings are made in the USA
  • Peace of mind from durable materials and quality manufacturing
  • NSF 14 and NSF 61-G approved for potable water systems
  • 25-year limited warranty

Viega ManaBloc

Get hot water fast without wasting energy with the Viega ManaBloc. This innovative distribution manifold is designed to supply each fixture in a building with its own individual PEX tubing line. This reduces the wait for hot water and, in turn, reduces the amount of water wasted.

  • Centralized control over the entire plumbing system
  • Fewer fittings hidden behind the wall reduce potential leak points
  • Operate multiple fixtures at once without dramatic pressure or temperature changes
  • 10-year limited warranty

Viega PureFlow PEX Tubing

Viega PureFlow PEX Tubing is a flexible tubing solution made in the United States. Manufactured with strict quality control through our vertically integrated manufacturing process, Viega PureFlow PEX Tubing is the best tubing solution you can get in the potable water market.

  • Highest ratings for UV and chlorine resistance according to industry standards
  • Made in the United States
  • 25-year limited warranty


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