Fire Protection

Viega offers fire protection systems that are suitable for nearly every type of building, ranging in size and complexity from one- and two-family dwellings to industrial factories. With unmatched reliability and true versatility, Viega fire protection systems are available in multiple materials like copper, stainless and carbon steel for commercial/industrial applications and high-performance polymer for homes and residential buildings.

Viega makes fire protection installations simple with reliable integrated system solutions that reduce callbacks and increase confidence on the job and afterward. Available in the following:

  • ProPress copper ½ to 4” for 13, 13R and 13D applications
  • ProPress Stainless 304 and 316 1/2 to 4” for 13, 13R and 13D applications
  • MegaPress 3/4 to 2” for 13, 13R and 13D applications
  • PureFlow ¾ to 2” for 13D applications