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Viega products are ideal in the healthcare industry. So many benefits make Viega a clear and easy choice for hospitals and medical applications. Continued operations mean there are little to no interruptions of service for repairs. No displaced patients are necessary, which leads to a more positive experience. With Viega’s pressing technology, smoke detectors do not need to be disabled, no fire watches or burn permits are required, saving time and money.

In a healthcare setting, consider Viega ProPress double drop elbows and venturi press inserts, which can help eliminate the risk of harmful Legionella bacteria, particularly dangerous in a healthcare setting where users might have weakened immune systems. The double drop elbows minimize dead legs between tee and wall penetration, and can be used in series or ring installations. The venturi press insert manipulates pressure to alter the path of least resistance and induce flow, which reduces stagnation in rings of fixtures or supply piping of seldom-used, individual fixtures. In a healthcare setting where top-tier water safety is of utmost importance, these products provide peace of mind for patients and caregivers.

Viega products also make repairs in the healthcare setting quick and easy. There’s no fire watch required, and by making connections in seconds, systems can be back in service in no time. Viega is the only press system available in multiple pipe joining materials.

  • Clean, safe connections
  • Ensures water quality
  • Flameless — no smoke, no flame, no fire watch
  • Reduces costly downtime
  • Minimal patient displacement
  • Results in a positive patient experience
  • Viega Smart Connect technology helps identify unpressed connections
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