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Design Strategies

Design Strategy

Maintain constant flow and temperature inside a plumbing system

Viega’s theory in plumbing design is to reduce stagnation and maintain temperature of water inside a plumbing system. These two conditions can reduce the risk of microbial colonization.

Ring installation

Ring installations utilize the same flow-through fittings and operate by the same principle — operating a fixture circulates fresh water through the supply piping of other unused fixtures.

Every time a single fixture is used, fresh water flows through the supply piping to every other fixture in the same ring. The use of any fixture, regardless of its location in the ring, can minimize dead legs and reduce stagnation for all fixtures on the ring.

Series (daisy chain) installation

Using flow-through fittings in a series installation compared to standard branch-and-tee moves the tee closer to the fixture, reducing the potential for stagnation in supply lines of unused fixtures. 

Supply water is circulated (from operating a fixture) within inches of other unused fixtures. Every time a fixture is operated, fresh water flows through the supply piping of every fixture upstream of the fixture used. Periodically operating the fixture farthest from the riser can reduce stagnation in the supply piping to all fixtures in the series. Placing the most frequently used fixture at the end of the series can significantly reduce stagnation.

Innovation that helps make easy work of water quality

Viega is committed to improving water quality, reducing stagnation points, increasing flow through seldom used pipes and reducing the risk of waterborne pathogens. Each Viega solution offers a professional appearance and is constructed with the same trusted Viega Zero Lead materials.


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