How to File a UPS Claim

Please make sure Viega confirmed the complaint before continuing. Please note the complaint filing will also help provide details of your shipment. 

We will guide you through the required documentation and where you can find necessary information before filing the claim with the carrier.  

Click here to see steps to follow up a claim

1. To follow up on a claim, use the link below with the same login information in step 2 bellow.

2. Once on the claim dashboard, follow the below steps.

a.    Enter tracking number in Filter Results
b.    Update Start Dateand End Dateto the week you filed the claim
c.     Click Update 

3. Claim information will appear below the search with information on the Claim Status.

4. For additional information on payment or status click View Detail under Actions.

5. Once in the Claim Details page, the first lines will indicate if there are any additional steps you need to take for this claim. In this case (shown) there are no further steps.

6. If no further steps need to be made you can look under Payment Information to confirm amount paid and when payment was made.

7. If there are any questions still regarding your claim, please reach out to Viega Inside Sales and the complaint team will follow up.

1. Gather paperwork to be filed with the claim. Below is a list of items needed in order of importance:

  • Invoice 
  • Purchase order
  • Photos of damaged or shorted product


Recommendation: Notate on either the invoice or the purchase order what product has been affected and how many pieces are damaged or missing. 

2. Once you have gathered the necessary documents you can log into UPS and start the claim process.

3. The main screen will open on a Start a New Claim process, but at this time this screen does not allow you to fully complete the claim. You will need to take the following steps to file the claim.

4. With the main screen open go to the top to the Tracking drop down and choose Track & Tracking History.

5. On the tracking page enter your tracking number and click Track.

6. The tracking page will open to your tracking details.

Find and click on the File a Claimoption below your tracking details.

NOTE: in this example UPS found the damage before the package arrived to the customer; this indication of damage reported will not always be the case when filing a claim.

7. The next screen will ask you to check the status of your claim. You will be given 3 options, only fill in the Tracking Number and Account Number.

a.    Tracking Number
        i.      This will auto generate from your previous tracking search

b.    Account number  
        i.     SelectUse a Different Account     
       ii.     Enter 693635

c.     Click Continue

8. On the Claim Details page you will find all information related to the shipment. Look for the Upload Payment Document – this is to the right of the Claim Status. Click hyperlink to open.

9. On the Add Claim Documents page there are two steps.

a.    Your relationship to the package will be “I am the recipient”

b.    Upload your documents you have already gathered using the hyperlink Upload PaymentDocumentsat the bottom of the page. Once loaded they will appear under Payment Documents

c.    Submit

10. Once submitted you will be taken back to the Claim Details page where you will see a message similar to the below

11. At this time your claim filing is complete.

NOTE: Allow for 1 business week for follow up with UPS. 

NOTE: If Viega does receive any information regarding your claim or shipment we will send that information on to the reporting party.