How to File a Freight Claim

Please make sure Viega confirmed the claim before continuing and keep in mind that every carrier has a different process to file a claim. It is best practice to check the carrier's website first for details.

We will guide you through the required documentation and where you can find necessary information before filing the claim with the carrier. 

1. Delivery Receipt/Document bearing notation of loss or damage:

When receiving a shipment be sure to note the amount and any damage or shortage to the shipment.

The example below shows a delivery receipt signed electronically for an example carrier, ABF.  The customer signature is noted as 1 CTN SHORT.  

NOTEPlease always verify count and condition of cargo.  Next, either manually or electronically record the damage or shortage in detail on the receiving record/delivery slip.

2. Take photographs of any damaged external/internal packaging and of all item(s) themselves.

3. Include all supporting documentation as outlined and specified on the claim form. Required backup documentation may vary depending on the type of claim.

4. To prevent any claim delays or a possible denial, it’s best to ensure that all documents are legible and compete before uploading them to the website.

5. All our shipments include the “DR/POD Signature Requirements” as reference. You will need:

  • Bill of Lading
  • Packing Slip/Shipping Invoice
  • Delivery Receipt/Document bearing notation of loss or damage
  • Complete Invoice showing the value of claimed product
The carrier only accepts claims filed electronically on their website.  Please keep in mind that a phone call does not constitute a legal claim. 

6. Packing Slip/Shipping Invoice: This is where you can find the Pro Bill # and calculate the value of your claim. (The Pro Bill # is also located on the BoL.)

Find the part number related to your claim to calculate the amount by pieces damaged.  For partial pieces of a line item damaged, take the net price and multiply it by the number of damaged pieces.

7. Bill of Landing:

8. Go to carrier’s website

For this example, we’ve used ABF Freight.

Under “TOOLS”, select “Submit a Claim”.  In this case, it will take you to the website.

a. Fill in the required fields.   Freight Type will always be “plumbing goods.” Freight Type will always be “new.”

b.  Enter the product description as listed on the invoice. 

c. Enter quantity: This is straightforward unless it is in bundles. Always list the number of bundles, not the number of pieces in a bundle.

1 bundle signed short on 8/21/17 delivery.
1 x 33265 (25pcs/BDL) = $167.62
ProRated Freight (51/427 of $160.75) = $19.19

Total Claim Value = $186.81

d. Add notes: 

Outside packaging damages
Sort one pallet

9. Individually upload all documentation referenced earlier.

10. Submit the claim.

Some carriers provide a confirmation number. Others will use the PRO# as reference.