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Viega LLC – Recognized leader in press technology for plumbing and piping systems

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Partner with Viega and
Help your Students Thrive

Training has always been one of Viega’s highest priorities. Whether it’s on the job site or in a classroom, Viega understands the value training provides to the plumbing, pipe fitting, heating and cooling industries. With a new generation of tradespeople in training, Viega recognizes a need to offer training on whole mechanical systems for students. That’s why the Viega Trades Education Network (VTEN) was launched.

Education that Goes Above and Beyond

Without the proper tools, training is limited. That’s why the VTEN program not only includes the necessary curriculum, but also the tools needed to complete each training. No other company provides resources and an all-in-one complete package to help students succeed in the trades industry. 

VTEN Tool Package

Milwaukee M18FL Long Throw Tool w/MegaPress Z3 Actuator, plus

  • 2½ ring for Milwaukee tool
  • 2½ MegaPress coupling for largersized demonstration
  • 3/4 ProPress jaw
  • 3/4 MegaPress jaw
  • 1/2 PureFlow jaw

- or -

Ridgid RP350B tool with MegaPress PressBooster, plus

  • 2½ ring for Ridgid tool
  • 2½ MegaPress coupling for larger-sized demonstration
  • 3/4 ProPress jaw
  • 3/4 MegaPress jaw
  • 1/2 PureFlow jaw
  • ¾” x 4” copper tube (1 piece)
  • ¾” MegaPress coupling
  • ¾” x 4” black steel pipe (1 piece)
  • ½” ViegaPEX Ultra tubing coil (1’ per student)
  • Viega PEX Press bottle opener head
  • ¾” ProPress 90º elbow, P x P
  • ½” PEX x P ¾” Coupling
  • ¾” ProPress 90° w/ cut-away (1 piece)
  • 2” MegaPressG elbow

Many of these resources can be quite cost prohibitive, but by packaging them together, Viega is able to provide the entire VTEN package at a reasonable cost.

  • $2,500 Membership Fee (first year only) An overall value of $10,000 
  • *$1,000 Recurring Annual Membership Fee *Subject to change

Annual Instructor's Conference and Workshop for VTEN Members

Located at one of our state-of-the-art seminar centers, this multi-day conference, held three times a year features training on the latest industry technology including new products, and installation techniques. All registered VTEN schools will receive one instructor admission to this annual conference including airfare, food, lodging and event, at no additional cost.

Get Experience Installing Industry- Leading Press Fittings

Fitting Packages are supplied for 2-4 students to work together and are designed to demonstrate proficiency in press technology, end-to-end, center-to-center and end-to-center measurements while keeping the installation straight and plumb in a craftsman-like manner.

ProPress Fitting

The ProPress demonstration package represents fitting and tubing materials that can be used in various potable water, hydronic and fire protection applications. Instructors can demonstrate installation of ProPress fittings with the ability to reuse flanges for multiple intakes. Instructors also have the ability to incorporate additional fittings to show offsets, rolling offsets and other common piping installation practices through the use of additional fittings (not included).

4 – ¾” 90 elbow

2 – ¾” Press x male adapter

2 – ¾” PP Coupling

7 – ¾” x 4” copper tubing pieces – per installation (provided by training center)

2 – ¾” Floor Flanges (provided by training center)

MegaPress Stainless

The MegaPress demonstration package represents fitting and piping materials used in various hydronic, gas and compressed air applications. Instructors can demonstrate installation techniques of MegaPress carbon steel fittings that will be common for gas piping applications using schedule 40 steel pipe or thinner wall pipe for compressed air or hydronic applications.

4 – ¾” 90 elbow

2 – ¾” Press x male adapter

2 – ¾” MP Coupling

7 – ¾” x 4” Carbon steel pipe pieces – per installation (provided by training center)

2 – ¾” Floor Flanges (provided by training center)

PureFlow 90 Elbow Fitting

The PureFlow demonstration package allows instructors to show lightweight flexible PEX tubing that can be “dry-fit” similar to traditional copper tubing methods. Assemblies will be completed with either hand press tools or jaws which fit into battery-operated press tools for use on carbon steel MegaPress or copper ProPress fittings.

4 – ½” 90 elbow

2 – ½” PEX x male adapter

2 – ½” PEX Coupling

7 – ½” x 4” PEX pipe pieces – per installation – 100 ft coil ½” PEX (provided by VTEN)

2 – ½” Floor Flanges (provided by training center)

These various demonstration assemblies allow users to get firsthand experience installing industry-leading press fittings for copper, carbon steel and PEX tubing for a variety of water, air and gas applications

Get Access to our Online Academic Course Curriculum

VTEN members get access to our online academic course curriculum. VTEN is offered as a partnership with trade schools that want to further enrich their current curriculum and provide resources to students that go above and beyond basic instruction. The VTEN program centers on academic information regarding design, installation, and function of plumbing and hydronic systems.

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