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Viega LLC – Recognized leader in press technology for plumbing and piping systems

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About Us

Viega LLC is a privately held subsidiary of the Viega Group. Headquartered near Denver in Broomfield, Colorado, Viega LLC is the expert in the manufacturing and distribution of plumbing, heating and pipe-joining fittings and systems for customers in residential, commercial, industrial and marine markets throughout North America.

Viega. Connected in quality.

Viega started in Germany in 1899, founded by Franz-Anselm Viegener, who created an innovative new design for a brass beer tap. By 1901, the Viega German company began to manufacture home plumbing products, growing and expanding internationally as the authority in pipe pressing technology during the last century. In 1999, through the purchase of an interest in a U.S. company, Viega expanded its product offering to North America. Today, the innovative products of the Viega Group of companies are produced at six international locations and distributed all across the globe.

Training and Service

Broomfield, CO

Viega delivers not only high-quality press fitting products and service-oriented support staff but also the best education in the industry. Viega opened its New Hampshire Seminar Center in Nashua in 2006, offering a comprehensive range of training courses from one-day to week-long programs. Dedicated to providing the best possible training opportunities, the facility is one of the first manufacturers to offer continuing education credits. More than 4,000 industry professionals attend the New Hampshire Seminar Center each year. In 2017, Viega renovated the facility and unveiled a new Interactive Learning Center with functional displays and hands-on learning capabilities.

Also located on the New Hampshire campus, the Technical Services Center houses the engineering staff for radiant design, fire sprinkler design and product and application support. In 2019, Viega opened a second educational facility, the Colorado Seminar Center, in Broomfield, Colorado.

Viega’s Quality Assurance and Research and Development departments review and test each Viega product and Viega-designed system to ensure that each press fitting meets or exceeds its customers’ expectations, as well as Viega’s internal standards of quality, which means they meet the strictest codes and standards in North America.

Broomfield, CO


As the number of Viega products continues to grow, Viega continues to expand its extensively trained, highly specialized workforce. Viega LLC currently employs more than 600 professionals in North America, all committed to creating the best fitting products as possible.

Remaining truly committed to the vision and values of its founder and operating on strict principles of professional integrity and conduct, the Viega Team offers personalized customer support for wholesalers, contractors, engineers and architects. From basic product knowledge – including installation information – to support after the sale, customer satisfaction is the focus of everything Viega does.


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Viega products are sold to end users through professional and industrial distributors. To supply its distribution network, Viega LLC opened a distribution center in Reno, Nevada, in 2007 and a manufacturing and distribution facility in McPherson, Kansas, in 2009. To serve the distributor network even better, Viega LLC opened more facilities in McDonough, Georgia, and in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Multiple distribution centers, encompassing more than one million square feet of dedicated manufacturing and distribution space, allow Viega to deliver its products and fittings faster than its competition.

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Quality is the driving force behind everything we do. It’s the heart of our company’s identity, and it has been that way for 125 years. Our devotion to quality has helped us achieve our vision of providing safer, faster, cleaner plumbing technology. Today, we have more than 4,700 employees worldwide and are a global market leader in fitting products, but because we are still family owned, we set our own standards. 

Since our standard is true excellence, every day we strive for the highest quality. Every day we seek to be better than the day before. We listen to our customers. We innovate solutions. We lead the industry toward the future, but we will never forget where we came from and why we’re here. 

We believe in our customers, and we support their daily work by coordinating materials, managing technology, and investing in research and development. That’s how we can offer truly innovative systems and thousands of products whenever our customers need them. Innovation isn’t meant to be secret, so we are committed to sharing what we’ve learned to help our industry thrive.

Quality is who we are. Viega. Connected in quality.


As a family business, we have responsibilities to our employees and to the society we live and work in. For us, it's about nothing less than improving people's lives. We do this with products that are built to last thanks to their high quality and systems that help to save energy and contribute towards achieving climate targets.

The world as a whole is faced with a major challenge: All the world’s buildings combined account for almost one-third of global energy use and one-fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions. As a production company with strong vertical integration, but also as a manufacturer of high-grade products for the construction industry, we see ourselves as having a special responsibility in this respect. We want to develop products and technologies that save resources and improve the quality of life for all. And we also want our manufacturing process to use fewer and fewer materials and resources – without compromising product quality.

The "50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders" initiative has shown its appreciation of our commitment. This global campaign aims to draw attention to international companies whose actions contribute to achieving the United Nations' sustainability goals.

We take an active part in the creation and definition of standards and regulations.

Viega LLC locations

With its North American headquarters located conveniently in Broomfield, Colorado, Viega LLC has several key locations throughout the U.S.

Broomfield, CO
North American Headquarters and Seminar Center
Nashua, NH
Seminar Center, Technical and Design Services
McPherson, KS
Manufacturing and Distribution Center
Reno, NV
Distribution Center
Carlisle, PA
Distribution Center
Atlanta, GA
Distribution Center
New York City, NY
Viega Experience Center