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Viega LLC – Recognized leader in press technology for plumbing and piping systems

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Join the 

Viega team!

Are you looking for a career in plumbing with a company that is constantly growing and always improving? Viega LLC is the place for you. With a variety of positions in many different departments all across North America, you can love your job and make an impact in the world of compression fitting. Come experience the Viega difference. 

McPherson Kansas

Viega. Our Values.

The world around us is constantly evolving, becoming ever more complex and fast-paced. With it come many opportunities for growth as well as challenges to be overcome. In times like these, shared values are even more important, as they give common direction and keep us grounded for the long term. We’ve operated underneath this principle since our founding, holding true to our commitment to be connected in quality and to continue the Viega success story.



We set ambitious targets. For us, it is results that count. We are on top of our numbers. We systematically implement strategies and plans and see them through. Our successes set the foundation for long-term, profitable growth.



We show respect. We value our colleagues, customers and business partners, embracing cultural diversity and character differences in every one of them. Respect is a basic trait that can be shown in small ways yet has a significant impact. 



Trust is the foundation of how we work together. We share our knowledge and create an environment for independent decision making. This is how we grow.



We encourage and support each other. This enables us to take on responsibility and/or delegate. We make decisions, stand by them, and learn from our mistakes.



We don't just talk about responsibility, we live it - when dealing with our company, colleagues, customers and business partners. In doing this we take care of our environment and each other.