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Viega LLC – Recognized leader in press technology for plumbing and piping systems

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Press Tech for Beginners

New to press technology? It’s time to give it a try. Press fittings are quick and easy, plus they’ll save you time and money. Compared to the hassles of traditional methods like welding, threading and soldering, pressing allows you to finish your job in a fraction of the time, meaning you’re onto the next jobsite sooner.

propress 16:9

Why choose Viega? Well, we brought press technology to North America from Germany in 1999. At the time, there were no manufacturers, no standards and no codes for press fittings in the U.S., but thanks to our efforts in the industry, all that has changed. Viega is an innovator, and we stand behind our products with a long history of quality. When you use Viega systems, you know you’re getting the best. 

Whether for residential, commercial or industrial projects, press technology can help get the job done faster, better and more efficiently. With more approved applications across more systems than any competitor, if it can be pressed, we have it.

Select the Viega System you'd like to learn more about.

Viega employee Broomfield office

And to back up our revolutionary products, Viega has unmatched customer support. Whether it be with an in-person field sales rep, by phone with our top-notch customer service and design teams, or through a session with our dedicated and experienced technical consultants, we’re here for you. You can also connect with us through multiple social media platforms.

Viega employee Broomfield office