Viega offers a variety of press tools and jaws for every fitting size across every system. Save 50 to 90 percent on labor costs and system downtime by using a battery-​powered press tool to make connections in seconds. With Viega, you’ll get a whole solution from start to finish including fittings, jaws/rings and press tools. Tool kits are available with batteries, chargers and cases. Tools come in standard or compact sizes, depending on usage and needs.

  • Viega jaws and rings are uniquely engineered specifically for
    Viega fittings to make a reliable press every time
  • The same power tool can be used across Viega systems to
    make presses on different products
  • Make a press at any angle with Viega’s patented swivel feature on rings and actuator, an advantage when working in tight spaces as well as in shafts and pre-​wall construction
  • Press jaws and rings available in sizes ½" to 4" for metals and
    3/8" to 2" for PEX
  • No fire watches, hot work permits or gas freeing necessary
  • Press in wet or dry conditions

Viega Power Tools
New this year, Viega introduces two Viega-​branded press connection tools. Choose from the Viega Pressgun 6 (32 kN) or the Viega Pressgun Picco 6 (24 kN). Both tools feature a rotatable press head and are designed to be lightweight to allow for easy handling. The tools are compatible with all the jaws Viega offers. Tools can be purchased individually or packaged in a kit.

MegaPress Press-​in Branch Connector Tool Kit
The MegaPress Press-​in Branch Connector is an innovative way to create branches from main runs or install instrumentation onto existing piping. The branch connector installs onto carbon steel pipe in sizes 1½" through 4", as well as 6", and has a ¾" FPT outlet.
The tool kit contains all the accessories needed to drill the correct hole, as well as the pressing tools in all sizes to press the connector (drill not included). The connector is approved for use in hydronic heating, cooling water applications, compressed gases and many more, thanks to a variety of sealing-​element choices.

For complete listings and certifications, check with the specific tool manufacturer.
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